Thesis and Writing Introduction

What is a thesis?

The thesis is nothing more than your opinion (your positioning) on the subject and it is the main idea of the essay. In other words, if you could summarize your entire dissertation (of 30 lines, maybe) in a single sentence, that phrase would be the thesis (the main idea of the text). After all, we should write an entire dissertation to prove our thesis.

Where should the thesis appear?

The dissertation has three types of paragraphs: introduction, development and conclusion. The thesis must appear in the first paragraph (introduction).

How to write the essay?

There is a very simple and practical way of doing the writing thesis: think about the main ideas of each paragraph of development. If the thesis is the main idea of the whole essay, then the thesis is nothing more than the union of the main ideas of each paragraph of development.

For example: let’s assume that the theme proposed for our essay is “the role of the internet on contemporary society”.

First, ask yourself: How many developmental paragraphs will I write and what will be the main ideas of each? Well, a dissertation usually has two or three paragraphs of development (being that I’m more “fan” of dissertations with two).

So let’s do a wording with two paragraphs of development, and I’ll write the following: In the first paragraph of development, I’ll write that the internet is important because it gives its users the opportunity to share what they want to the whole world ; in the second paragraph, I will write that the internet globalizes the information and that it is possible to have access to the knowledge of the whole world. That is: in the first paragraph I basically say that a person can “open up to the world” and in the second paragraph I say that the world can “open up to a person.” Is not it pretty?

So with these two ideas in mind, I build my thesis: “The internet has the power not only to give people a chance to share their ideas to the whole world, but also to give their users have access to content around the world. “

There, that’s our thesis. Note that the thesis has two ideas (arguments) and these two ideas will give rise to the developmental paragraphs. In one paragraph I will say that people can open up to the world and in the other paragraph I will say that the world opens up to people.

I said earlier that the thesis should appear in the introductory paragraph and this is very important. After all, the introductory paragraph is composed of two parts: presentation of the topic and presentation of the thesis. This means that the reader, after reading the introductory paragraph, should know the subject of the essay and must know the author’s position on the subject (ie: what is the central idea of the essay). If we do not put the thesis in the introduction, there will be only the presentation of the theme, ie: you will begin your essay by writing in a generic way, repeating the theme without defining what you are going to say.

Here’s how the introduction might look:

Initially developed by the military, the internet has gained the world and ushered in a new culture, being part of people’s daily lives and connecting millions of users around the globe. It has the power not only to give people a chance to share their ideas on a large scale, but also gives their users the opportunity to access content produced globally. That means that with the internet, people open up to the world and the world opens up to them.

Note that in the first part (in blue) I presented the topic of writing in general (“the role of the internet goes up to contemporary society”) and in the second part (in red) I presented the writing essay (making some changes to avoid the repetition of words), presenting the two ideas (arguments) that will construct the two paragraphs of development. The last part of the introduction (in black) was only the reaffirmation of the thesis (not to make the introduction end up “out of nowhere”). We do not always have to do this. In most cases, the presentation of the theme and the thesis are enough to make a good introduction.