The Dissertation

What is the dissertation?

The dissertation is the type of text charged in the study programm, in the entrance examinations and the public examinations and generally it has a considerable weight in the final note. This means that essay writing can be decisive for you to be approved and be ranked in the contest. To make things difficult, contrary to the objective proof, we can not “kick” some alternative in the essay. There is also no “right answer” or “wrong answer,” much less formulas. So the question arises: How can we prepare for writing?

In general, the dissertation is the type of text where we need to defend ideas. We need to write a text where we must position ourselves (ie: present an opinion, a point of view) and defend that position.

Well, the most important concepts for writing a good essay are found in this blog. See, now, how you can prepare to take the writing test.

How to prepare?

Our blog organizes the content in two fundamental steps: the first step is how to write and the second step is how to write better.

In the first step (like writing), you learn the fundamental concepts for writing the argumentative-essay text in the correct way. This means that you will learn how to write each type of paragraph, knowing the purpose and function of each one, ie: you need to be able to write the writing step by step, through introduction, development, and completion. each of these types of paragraphs by clicking here. In addition, you will learn the techniques of argumentation to know how to argue of how consistent in development paragraphs. To see the techniques of argumentation, click here.

In the second step (how to write better), you will improve and improve your writing. See our writing tips and classic mistakes. In general, in this part, you will improve the aspects that are fundamental to writing: textual cohesion, textual coherence, originality, linguistic expression, and calligraphy.

Ready: With these two steps, you’ll learn enough to write a good essay.

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Build your Strategy

If you stop and stand staring at the sheet, the sheet will look at you. Then you will look at the sheet. Then the sheet will look at you again and nothing will happen. Ideas do not fall from parachute nor do they come “out of nowhere”. Writing is not improvisation, it is strategy. Then, before the writing day arrives, set up your strategy